Play With Us

We love sports because they bring us joy. It’s a break we take from everyday life, bringing out our most playful selves. It’s when strangers become friends. We have the same purpose, yet we are all different. And we strive to bring that same feeling of connectedness into our workplace.

Join us to make sports even more exciting!


We are considerate, fair, and inclusive.


We are dedicated, passionate, and pioneering.


We are honest, responsible, and trustworthy.


We are collegial, diverse, and supportive.

Meet our Team

For people that love sports, working at Club Octubre 947 is an opportunity to work on something you are passionate about and make work purposeful and fun. For those not into sports, a strong sense of sportsmanship is woven into the organization and our core values, creating a collaborative, supportive, and fun environment. Our people and culture make our product. We believe magic happens when people have an opportunity to work with amazing colleagues and build things that matter.

Plus, we can’t field a soccer team with 11 goalies. So regardless of your interests, if you enjoy working with kind, smart, friendly, and supportive people, this place is for you.


With offices in 12+ countries, 30+ nationalities, and 14+ different brands we are truly a global and diverse company.

Professional growth

We have high ambitions and our workplace is always evolving to help realise the potential of our employees.

Award winning tech

We work with industry award winning user driven products, powered by highly scalable services and solutions.

Dynamic workplace

We are a young and fast-paced company. We have fun together and we celebrate our successes, quite often with cake.